Re-Keying With Class

In the mid‐1990ʹs, the Chula Vista, California, grade school (K‐6) area, now involving 40 or somewhere in the vicinity schools, chose to modernize its more established offices, which dated back to the 1950s. Out went frayed electrical frameworks, dated pipes, and battered covering; in came shading TV, new furniture, fiber optics, and other new base. One part of the structures remained particularly low tech be that as it may; mechanical locks.

This standard lock‐and‐key framework brought about concern in light of the fact that as a rule the first keying still existed, and the organization had forgotten about keys throughout the years. The expansion of PC hardware, large‐screen TVs, and other profitable innovation at the renovated schools made the issue all the more discriminating. ʺWe needed to have the capacity to have control,ʺ says Chris Mages, Chula Vistaʹs office development security bolster chief.

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