Keys left inside-what to do ?

In everyday hazel of life have you ever experienced of locking your keys in the car. Tradious work right!

Now how to get the car keys the easiest way to get out of this situation is use of spare key, but if you do not have spare key then, what to do ?let see this might help you in future :

Calling a locksmith

The first solution to the problem is a locksmith who can help you retrieve the keys without harming your lock or car.

Car assistance services

Stuck at place where you have no- idea about the things. At those situations the car assistance services are the one that can come to your aide.


At the time of any danger or hazardous situation you left your keys in car, call the police for help they do have ways to help you out of the situation.

If you just want to help yourself and do not want to depend on anyone these ways may be helpful to you:

Shoe –string

Ever thought your shoe –lace can work wonders for you. A shoe- string is helpful in pull-ups locks, but this requires a lot of practice and patience to pull out the result.

Coat –hanger

A coat- hanger is also handy to get out of keys of the car. This method works for vertical and horizontal locks even for those locks also that are placed on the door handle.

Inflatable wedges

Do not want any harm or damage to your, then inflatable wedges are best to use to open the door of car and to retrieve the keys.